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Congratulatory Messages

Congratulatory messages from Her Majesty The Queen and the Governor-General to those Australians celebrating the achievement of significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries are available on request.
On request, Government House will arrange for a congratulatory message to be sent from both The Queen and the Governor-General to persons celebrating their 60th (Diamond) 65th and 70th (Platinum) and subsequent wedding anniversaries and 100th, 105th and subsequent birthdays.
The Governor-General will also send a congratulatory message to those Australians celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
The text on these messages has been agreed by Her Majesty and the Governor-General and incorporates their signature.
The Queen has specifically approved the form of the congratulatory card for the transmission of her message in Australia. The congratulatory message card includes a photograph of Her Majesty taken at Government House, Yarralumla, during a previous visit.

How do I apply?

Requests for a message from The Queen and/or the Governor-General can be made through your local Federal Member or Senator’s electorate office or the Honours, Symbols and Territories Branch of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.
To ensure that the information included on the message is accurate, it is necessary that a marriage certificate, birth certificate or statutory declaration be provided as proof of the date of an occasion prior to any message being sent from The Queen or the Governor-General. If incorrect information is provided after the message has been sent, no further message will be issued.
Government House requires at least five weeks notice prior to sending a message and is unable to send a belated message more than four weeks after the date of the occasion. The office will endeavour to send the message no later than five days prior to the actual date of the occasion.
Further information on congratulatory messages can be obtained from the It’s-an-Honour web-site.