Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

Further to my update earlier this week I thank the 20 or so people who attended either of the two forums held this week in the Town Hall.

Jennie and I attended both and we were impressed with the quality of the contribution provided by you. Issues were identified and a number of solutions suggested, which is appreciated. Submissions have been received by mail including electronic. I also have received 2 submissions, which I have passed onto staff for evaluation.

The submissions by and large have grouped in the southern section of Black Forest, centering around Byron Avenue and Cowper.

We have also, resulting from that exercise, had some of those people volunteer to be part of a resident representative group.

Whilst we await the last of the submissions you have for us we look forward to working with these people as move into the next stage of the program.

An issue has been identified that is a future challenge and that will concern the amount of cycle traffic on Canterbury Terrace. It will be interesting to see how we determine what the impact is likely to be and obviously the solutions to manage what will obviously become a shared road.