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Council received a report last night regarding the controversial speed cushions in Leah Street.

The report summarized a number of complaints received about the cushions. It also tabled comparisons of speeds on the street since their implementation with a number of other traffic surveys since 2000.

This report must be viewed as provisional however as it will be influenced by the impact of the Goodwood Junction Rail projects.

Given this we have requested a further report to be prepared analyzing post Goodwood Junction traffic, and have requested this to be penetrated to us in March of next year. This should provide us with accurate and reliable information regarding traffic, not just in Leah Street, but in adjacent streets.

The vexed question of whether they are good not only for the residents in Leah Street but the surrounding streets and indeed the residents south of the tram line can then be more adequately assessed.

This is a report I cannot wait to see.