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Two of my recent blog posts have referred to the recently installed speed cushions in Leah Street. The report on Kate Ellis’s recent street meeting and tonight’s post on the budget.

These cushions were approved at a meeting of council late last year. I put my hand up and confirm I was one to vote for them, believing the work of the local Ward Councillors and our staff had consulted far enough to be certain it was a move the locals truly supported.
Jennie & I have both found since their installation that many people within the two wards (Goodwood and Goodwood South) were not consulted and not impressed. Indeed there is quite some rage about their installation and the lack of consultation beyond Leah Street. Yes! The consultation was apparently confined to Leah Street.
The main focus at Kate’s street meeting at Everard Park was the concerns of Goodwood Ward residents other than on Leah Street, mainly First, Second & Third Avenue residents on the west of Leah Street and Charles & Essex Street on the east, about the negative impact the newly installed speed cushions.
Many residents in Goodwood South have complained to me personally. In very recent times I have heard that at least one Leah Street resident is having second thoughts, although this may be influenced by the heavy vehicle traffic using the street currently.
On the evidence I think it is fair to say we got this one wrong.
Will removal be right answer? Then we go back to the problems that installation of the cushions were designed to address.
Recent traffic counts indicate that the speed in Leah Street has been drastically reduced. So they have achieved their initial goal. The volume of traffic is also down, which on the surface may also be good news in that maybe traffic has been diverted from the area. Having said that, much of the traffic has been diverted locally to First Avenue, creating another problem that now needs addressing.
So what is the answer?
In the budget due for approval in June we have currently allowed for a LATM (Local Area Traffic Management) survey of the whole area surrounding Leah Street. The purpose of this is to prevent us simply making more decisions on the run, without taking into consideration the impact a decision may/will have on surrounding streets.
Of course a real solution and one I have commented on previously, it would be great of the State Government found a way of preventing the southern rat runners from entering East Avenue, Clarence Park at Cross Road. Am I dreaming?