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Public Transport remains in the public realm as we near the completion of the electrification of the Noarlunga line, with its extension to Seaford.

An article in the electronic news In Daily refers to usage and comes to the conclusion that low density sprawl actively works against high public transport use. The article (check it out for yourself at the link below) also suggests higher use from the inner rim suburbs than further out. Does not reflect my experience this morning as I ventured into Parliament House to see Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Vicky Chapman, co-incidentally to talk public transport with her and co-councilors Jennie Boisvert and Michael Saise.
The bay tram was full when it arrived at my station Forestville. Indeed it did not stop for some dozen or more commuters at the Wayville Stop.
Thinking on that tram trip and looking at the usage I question whether usage in the Unley Council area really reflects where the public transport corridors lie based on these maps.  I would not mind seeing statistics for smaller geographical areas, within our City to better analyse what we are being told.