Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

Whilst the City of Unley is recognised as a leader in engaging with its community we can get it wrong and we did last week on the McLeay Park playground enclosure to protect our kids from our dogs.

The beauty of Unley is when we get it wrong we go back to scratch and fix it.

We made a decision at last Monday night’s City Strategy & Policy committee meeting to effectively split the park in two with what has become affectionately known as Unley’s Berlin Wall.

Even though the park is not in my Ward I sensed that this decision was made with a flawed consultation with the residents of that area (in Parkside Ward). I have therefore reserved it out for further debate at the next City Strategy and Policy committee meetign.

The residents and rate payers of the City of Unley can view this as evidence that whilst we make mistakes and everyone can we can fix them. You can also be reassured that our mayor, Lachlan Clyne, is very keen that Unley has the best community engagement process in South Australia. He has re-affirmed this by allowing I understand up to 6 deputations on this matter at the upcoming Council meeting; this monday, the 28th March.

Democracy at work.