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Last Tuesday’s council meeting saw the selection of members of all Council’s Section 41 committees.


I confirmed yesterday my election to the position of Presiding member of the Development, Strategy & Policy committee. In that blog post I also confirmed which elected members will be part of that team.

With my business background I have also (as I did in the last term) secured a spot on what we affectionately call UBED; our Unley Business & Economic Development committee

The membership of the other section 41 committees will be as follows:

Community & Culture Committee

Councillors Hudson, Rabbitt, Hughes and Schnell with Cr Hughes as Presiding member.

Infrastructure & Sustainability Committee

Councillors Sangster, Hughes, Schnell and Hewitson with Cr Hewitson as Presiding Member

Unley Business and Economic Development Committee

Councillors Koumi, Lapidge and Smolucha along with myself with Cr Koumi as Presiding Member.

We also selected two members to represent the City of Unley on the Centennial Park Board of Directors. They are Councillors Lapidge and Smolucha.