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Residents say electronic signal noise on Belair line is costing them sleep

  • SEPTEMBER 21, 2013 11:34PM


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Hell's bells on Belair line
MAKE IT STOP: Residents Greg Moorhouse (holding Ruby), Georgine Roodenrys and Dane Moorhouse at the upgraded train crossing. Picture: Tricia Watkinson. Source: News Limited
HAWTHORN residents say the “high-pitched” sound from new electronic signals is so loud not even expensive double-glazing to their properties can block out the noise.
Adding to the pain, they say, are klaxons at the Angas Rd crossing that sound at random and shake them from slumber in the middle of the night.
They are now demanding the Department of Transport, Planning and Infrastructure reduce the sound of the signals – and pay to soundproof their homes.
The new klaxons replaced old “hammer and bell” gongs, and are being installed across all level crossings.
Georgine Roodenrys, 40 a and husband Jamie bought their Angas Rd house, 25m from the rail crossing, a year ago and successfully double glazed their windows to block noise from the old gongs.
But Ms Roodenrys, who owns The Larder on Goodwood, said the new klaxons were waking their daughter. “We all understand rail warnings have to be given but there (must be) a way to minimise the impact,” she said.
A DPTI spokeswoman said the department was investigating the residents’ complaints.