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Many of you may remember recent front page news when a car travelling down Unley Road veered uncontrollably into Maud street and collided with Mothers Milk southern wall. Luckily there were no sidewalk patrons at the time.


Council had no option at the time but to revoke the licence for mothers milk to have sidewalk tables. That of course created  a plethora of support for the small business, some of which slated the Council for stopping this outdoor trade in spite of the clear Safety issues demonstrated by the crash.

The cafe was able without too much delay to restart their sidewalk trade thanks to our generosity of providing and sharing the cost of water filled barriers located in Maud street.

We considered a number of options at our last last Council meeting for a permanent solution going forward and agreed on the following. Most members contributed to the debate as we worked together to work our way to the best solution.

Striking a balance between supporting small business while having them take responsibility for their own future we passed the following motion.


1. The report be received.

2. Administration be granted approval to have discussions with the owners of A Mother’s Milk café in regard to Options 1 or 4. Option 2 be the preferred option.

3. The infrastructure cost (if any) involved in implementing the preferred option be borne by the A Mother’s Milk Café, operator of the Outdoor Dining Area at the location.

4. Appropriate community engagement be undertaken with the local community if the owners wish to pursue Option 1.


Mother’s Milk now have the opportunity to consider what we are proposing and I eagerly await their response.