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Subsequent to my post last month about the installation of nesting boxes along the rail corridor Elected Members have recently received the annual 2013 Nesting Box Report on the maintenance and servicing report conducted on the original 52 boxes installed within the wider Unley City.

Some interesting points of interest from the report are as follows:
·         There were 50 boxes surveyed across the city during 2013.
·         2013 has probably been the programs most successful year ever. Approximately 70% of the wildlife boxes were used for breeding.
·         Breeding was observed for two new species during 2013, which were Kookaburras and Eastern Rosellas.
·         Exploitation of the boxes by wildlife appeared to be higher in 2013 than that seen in previous years. Various fauna species were using 28 boxes (56%) on the servicing/monitoring days, including 19 during the breeding and 9 during the non-breeding season.

This is great to see and I eagerly await similar news of the 40 that have been installed along the corridor.