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New high efficiency boilers will provide an annual cost saving to the Centre of $14k and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 4000 tonnes a year.

Nathan Byles, Swimming Centre Manager, explained how the heaters operated, “Instead of running directly through a boiler, pool water will be diverted past heating coils. This highly efficient system requires less maintenance and will decrease the wear and tear on equipment experienced from previous direct contact with chlorinated water.”
Mr Byles says the boiler chimneys look a bit like two steam trains running down a track. “When you see the chimneys, don’t be alarmed, it is not smoke, they are expelling highly condensed steam. It’s a positive thing, the steam dissipates and results in low carbon emissions”.
By replacing the Unley Swimming Centre’s gas heaters with a more efficient operating system, the City of Unley has demonstrated a clear commitment to enhancing the local communities’ health and wellbeing.
The Centres recent installation of solar panels and implementation of various water saving initiatives further contribute to the City of Unley’s commitment to a sustainable city.

The Centre will open for the 2013/2014 season on Saturday 14 September.