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The DPA has highlighted that many of us in the now RB 350 zone in Black Forest and Clarence Park thought we lived in a street where only single storey development was possible.

This is not so. The development plan clearly states in clause 1 of the principles of development control for the RB 350 zone that “Development should be primarily for dwelling types of up to two storeys compatible in form ……..”. The same applies to the RB 400 zone over in the south east suburbs of the City of Unley.
And this zoning has been around to the best of my knowledge for at least 25 years. This means the chances are you bought into a street capable of having your property redeveloped into two houses of  2 storey size. Indeed the form 1 that you must have served on you when buying a property will have spelt this out to you.
It has not happened of course which is a clear indication that just because it is possible does not mean to say it will happen.
I do direct your attention having said that to the blog post titled Immediate and Wholesale Devastation of our Streets , addressing this question.