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After years of bad publicity surrounding ongoing deficits and mounting debts it appears the Sturt Football Club has turned the corner.


Sue Dewing


Turning these deficits into a profit of over $ 300,000 in this last financial year is a huge fillip for the club. So as my heading says it is not so blue down Unley Oval way.

Or perhaps I should borrow the headline from their web page….”Blue Skies Ahead at Unley”.

The current General manager Sue Dewing with the support of a board of Directors headed by President Jason Kilic have made the hard decisions and the result is I believe the largest surplus in the clubs history. Well done to this hard working and disciplined group.

The club has also reduced it debt liability down from $ 2.2m to $1.6m.

 Sue has been quick to point out to all including her team that the work has just begun.

“While we’re not out of the woods yet, the report demonstrates that the Sturt Football Club is moving steadily towards a confident and sustainable future,” she has said.

“Our improved financial position is due to the hardworking Board, employees and volunteers, committed supporters, and generous sponsors and benefactors.

Sue is however quick to point out that the impressive results do not mean that the club can now relax its commitment to financial improvement. “The obligation to the bank and remedying our balance sheet remains the priority. The hardwork will count for nothing if we, as a club, fail to address these issues. There is still much to do and a way to go”.

Sturt President Jason Kilic said getting the club back in the black is a big shot in the arm for everyone involved with the Double Blues and that the ‘Debt Demolition’ campaign is delivering results.

“This result will give every Sturt person more confidence about our future, from our fans on the hill, right through to the players sweating it out at training under Seamus,” Mr Kilic said. “It’s no secret our club has faced some tough financial challenges in recent years, but with the continuing support of our sponsors and fans, the future is very bright at Unley.”

Their example I am sure will be closely analysed by the other SANFL clubs and it has already by the SANFL itself who has also recognized over the Adelaide Oval distribution debate that they too must cut their cloth to suit.