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Orphanage Park

Apart from McLeay Park being finalised Orphanage Park was back on the Agenda. Council agreed with a motion put forward by my Co-Councillor Jennie Boisvert to:

1.      Negotiate with DPLG to spend $ 50,000.00 on appropriate minor upgrades in Orphanage Park.

2.      That we do NOT lay back the creek or undertake the proposed work at the northern end of the creek.

3.      That a report be prepared outlining the options for a future Community Land Management Plan with a view for funding in 2012/13.

Local Roads Funding

We are supporting the Local Government Association push for a more equitable share of funding for the local roads program. South Australia has 11% of the nation’s road network but only 7.6% of the nation’s population. To be funded on a basis of population is clearly unfair.

Culvert Street – ONE WAY

We also reluctantly accepted that in order to ensure the capacity to construct a Pedestrian Activated Crossing to ensure safe passage of pedestrians and cyclists across Unley Road, Culvert Street would have to become one way.

Goodwood Road Pedestrian Crossing

Don’t hold your breath but word is the lights adjacent Victoria Avenue may be turned on by the end of this week.