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Earlier this year you may remember reading my blog post on the yet another branch failure to our beloved Port Jackson Fig on the northern mound at Goodwood Oval. This followed on from major branch failures back in 2016, again which I blogged on.


Immediately following the branch failure, the area was bunted off (flagged) and the large branch was removed, and the area tidied. Concerned about this failure, I sought a report from Council’s administration. They, in turn, sought an independent report.

Colin Thornton – ‘Treevolution’ was commissioned to undertake a detailed risk assessment within an arboricultural report and provide 5-year management guidelines for our perusal. I have a copy of this report.


Following receipt of the report, Council staff have carried out and completed the recommended pruning works. The tree has rejuvenated and I can now confirm it appears to present the aesthetic and amenity qualities that it has done for many decades. They have also recently therefore removed the bunting.


Notwithstanding the above, the arbicultural report reveals the risk presented by the tree is considered to be ‘tolerable’ rather than the ideally rated ‘broadly acceptable’. This ensures that it is critical we continue to monitor the tree and progress the recommendations from the attached report.


Our own Arborist is extremely pleased with the tree’s response to the failure and the pruning undertaken by our staff. He is committed to maintaining the associated risks to that ‘tolerable’ level. To this end, he will undertake another formal assessment of the tree in February 2021.


The aim (my aim and that of our Arborist, and our depot staff) is to attempt to keep this iconic tree available to the community for many more decades.

With the change of season and the completion of the new Clubrooms, the opportunity is their to picnic again under it’s fantastic canopy. I intend to.