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The link below is an article by John Stokes of the Eastern Courier revealing that community action in the streets of Unley is gearing up now that the human cost of the no dam alternatives to the Brownhill Creek Flood Mitigation are about to be revealed.

Over twelve months ago a group of concerned citizens from up at Brownhill Creek marshalled the rest of the Adelaide metropolitan area to side with their concerns over the proposal to build a dam in the National Park, including people living in Millswood, and in the streets noted in John’s article. It was successful in redirecting the design efforts of the project team employed by the 5 metropolitan councils involved in the flood mitigation project.

At the time I was happy to vote that we explore an alternative option that involved wider and deeper and longer culverts in the streets of Unley & Mitcham Councils. I can say that the voice against the dam was so loud and so strong as so prolonged that another option was needed. And any such alternate option had to be a no dam anywhere option, given the opposition to previous dam options.

In voting to explore the culvert option I was always of the view that it would prove not to be a feasible option. The design review is not yet available to elected members to view, let alone the public, but there is a growing sense that it is going to show that this option simply will not be feasible.

Much anger has been displayed by the growing group of residents mentioned in the article toward the Elected members of Unley.

I say again that those representing these citizens have not sold them down the drain as some have suggested. They have taken a responsible approach that will demonstrate that a dam IS required.

I expect the no dammers to come out again loud and clear so we will have potentially citizen against citizen, rather than council against council. And the war cry will be similar —- save the trees, but which ones.

This is the 2014 issue that will keep the media alive.