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With two hot topics confronting Council right now I have had it put to me from three residents that there are rumours out there that I am pro this or anti that. 

The first of the two issues I refer to are DPA2, which has taken much of my focus in the last two months. The second is the long running flood mitigation investigation around the Brownhill Creek Flood Zone.

Much to my chagrin I have to face it, as long as I am a Councillor at the City of Unley I am a politician. I have never seen myself as such and still don’t but when I hear the rumours about what my stance are on these two issues the fact comes home to roost that I am indeed a politician.

In spite of there being absolutely no reference to supporting 4 or 5 storey high rise development in Goodwood South in 13 Posts I have written on this blog site on the subject; and in spite of many references to my belief the plan is flawed, there are people out there who believe I am for multi-storey development.

During the process I must admit I have tried to dispel many unfounded perceptions out there of what the plan is doing. On reflection those observations may draw a perception from those who choose to see only what they want to see that I am pro high storey.

Sorry but if there is a misconception out there I will always try to put it right so that we are all making decisions based on fact rather than perception. It is at that level that I still remain NOT a politician.

Sorry but that is who I am, someone who (as a small business man) wants to make decisions based on fact not fiction. In business, to do otherwise would court bankruptcy.

I have written now even more (20 in fact) blog posts on the topic of Brownhill Creek dating back to February 2013. Like with DPA2 I suggest people who see me as no dam should read those blog posts. Not once have I suggested that there should be no dam. A quick read myself through the 20 posts and I can see at least 6 references to my take that a dam is needed.

For the record. Even today I have yet to see evidence why a dam should be eliminated from a responsible flood mitigation solution.

Yes I have indicated looking at options that may render a dam obsolete. Such action to support investigations into options and fully examine all aspects that can mitigate the flooding anticipated in a 100 year flood is based in a firm belief that we need all the facts on the table before making a decision, unlike some who reckon we should make decisions based only on their perception.

The trouble with perceptions is yours is likely to be different to those in other streets, suburbs, or Council areas. And that has been borne out in this debate with most of the public debate in recent months being played out by representative public groups and not the 5 Councils.

We are expecting a report next month, but sorry, don’t hold your breath because I sense we will still not have enough information to take any considered or informed decision this year with the 5 Councils going into caretaker mode  at the end of August, in readiness for the upcoming elections in November.

And those who have read my posts on DPA2 will be well aware that I believe the same will apply to DPA2. No decisions because we will not have the right information to make informed decisions.