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The recent ministerial shakeup within the State Government has caused a Planning & Design Code rethink. Not just the timing of implementation of the Code, but a rethink of the structure and polices within the Code.

Deputy Premier, Vickie ChapmanAfter the multiple ministerial resignations, including the previous minister for Planning Stephan Knoll, the Premier has appointed Deputy Premier and Liberal stalwart Vickie Chapman as Planning Minister. This replicates the importance of this portfolio and matching the previous Governments use of their Deputy Premier, John Rau as Planning Minister.

Such a move must surely be good for the future of planning in this state.

This has sparked a Planning & Design Code rethink. Vickie’s first move was to delay the implementation of the Code. She has listened to the joint concerns of the Local Government industry, the Development & the Building industries and the community at large by delaying the implementation until next year.

Words from the mouth of the new Minister encourages me to believe that WE are being listened too. She has indeed advised us that the Government HAS listened. The Government is conscious of all we have said, she claims. This includes heritage, trees, character, and (for Black Forest and Clarence Park), the numerical inconsistencies. She likewise has intimated that they will come back to us when revisions have been made.

Backing this up I am encouraged as well to hear that the Department is also on the same page. They have advised our staff that the zoning in Black Forest & Clarence Park will revert back to what it is now.

The zone will change as a result from General Neighbourhood to Suburban Neighbourhood. The numerical variations that come with Suburban Neighbourhood will reflect the current numerical component of the current zoning.

Of course, we are yet to see confirmation of any of this on the departments (Plan SA) website. Yes a new department, Deputy Premier, Vickie Chapman.