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While the Inner rim councils have been working through and/or fighting the Minister for Planning in amending their development plans moves are afoot from the building industry.

As any reader of this blog site will know I have posted a number of times about the pending development plan ammendments and how the public need to speak now before the proposed changes become permanent.

The link below from Adelaide Now details the pressure being placed on the Minister from the Building Industry.

This makes interesting reading. As I read it residents, via their councils, are being targeted here for not showing sympathy for needs of the Greater Adelaide.

Having been a builder for my entire adult life I understand the problems that can be faced getting development approval. There are councils I have experienced unrealistic times to obtain approval. This needs correcting.

As an elected member and a lover of the built history of this town I also recognise that a one size fits all is not the solution.

I for one reckon, as an elected member of Unley Council, that we have worked hard to set up a platform for the future (with our current development plan amendments) that is workable, that does provide opportunity for inner suburban infill and which protects the heritage of the area in which we live.

A balance must be achieved and that means compromise on all sides. I trust that we (the people of the inner suburbs) will get to contribute.