Please Minister, Follow Unley’s Lead

As the government tries to take the lead on Planning Reform I implore them to follow Unley’s lead.


The Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI), on behalf of the Minister, wrote to us late last year. They put a proposition to us  to co-operate with them as they push ahead with the Government’s planning agenda.

In attempting to take the lead on planning reform they have asked councils to collaborate with them. They are asking us to sign a formal agreement to work with them. An agreement intended as a living document that will adapt as things evolve and change. An agreement recognising the need for a more “formal” elected member involvement and direction.

I implore them to simply follow Unley’s lead. They have agreed with Unley’s approach to good design but this has yet to occur in other council areas.

This week our City Strategy & Policy Committee will be making a recommendation to Council in response to the Government’s request. I expect the committee (of which I am a member) and indeed council to agree to work with them. To facilitate the efficient and effective development and implementation of the new planning system, the co-operation and contribution of local government is pivotal.

In a spirit of continued co-operation and as an investment in better “local” outcomes, a genuine commitment to involvement is warranted. However, this must work both ways.

They (DPTI) need to recognise our understanding of the local environment. They need to follow Unley’s lead. Furthermore, other councils need to follow Unley’s lead.

We have already, with a series of DPAs, achieved the population accommodation required by the Government’s 30-year plan. We achieved this with selective rezoning. It has been achieved with planning principles for transitioning to adjacent residential zones not achieved anywhere else.

Please Minister, whoever you may be after the upcoming election, follow Unley’s lead.


  1. Cathy   •  

    Is it clear that this won’t involve being trapped into agreements that residents won’t want to be part of?

    • Don Palmer   •     Author

      No Cathy.

      The agreement is about us participating, being involved. It is not about setting us up to accept their take on things. They don’t need to as the minister always has the final say.

      Look! If anything this is the government trying to look good that they are consulting.

      To date the minister has accepted most of what we have contributed and this has resulted in us not being caught with Churchill Road the development.

    • Don Palmer   •     Author

      PS hope you enjoyed the fringe on Saturday.

  2. Cathy   •  

    Glad to hear you say that. The whole planning/medium density/high rise future is really difficult and certainly everybody working in concert has got to be good.

    • Don Palmer   •     Author

      Spot on Cathy. This is not an easy area to digest for most people.

      And it will remain one of my major focuses as a councillor and a local community leader going forward.

      The program of rolling out the planning reforms will continue into 2020 and beyond.

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