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Council has just received a report from our CEO Peter Tsokas regarding the progress on the Brownhill Creek deliberations.

This was to inform Council on the progress of investigations into Creek clearing and upgrade options. Back in February Council authorised the joint council Brownhill Creek Steering Committee place priority on investigating a creek upgrade solution for the upper reaches of the creek, and to engage with the property owners to identify any potential issues associated with this solution.

So while community debate between the interest groups develops as noted in my blog post of last week Peter made a number of points including the following:

1.       A number of concerns related to each specific area have been identified
2.       Many owners were not aware of their responsibility to maintain the creek in their property to ensure blockages do not occur.
3.       Many owners were also not aware that irrespective of which options the 5 council agree to that the existing creek will need to be cleared of obstructing vegetation to increase flow capacity.
4.       Owners were receptive to individual agreements being developed rather than easements being established over their properties. This was seen I trust as preventing a drop in property values.
5.       Thankfully some residents were bemused that we would seek their feedback before coming up with design proposals and thanked us for the opportunity to do so.
6.       There was unanimous concern that the creek would be left as a concrete channel like Sturt Creek.

            7.       Instead, many owners were interested in either a stepped approach allowing for vegetation or, a more vertical dry stone wall concept.

This is encouraging news but not everyone has been engaged yet. There are a few property owners who have not been involved in the discussions and there are two wider community areas that need to contribute, namely the Orphanage and Forestville Reserve.

community meeting has been scheduled for residents around Forestville Reserve on 28 May and it is expected one will be planned for June 21 at Orphanage Park.

Unless the project Team remains short on technical detail we can expect a report back to Council maybe in July.