Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

Continuing to lead Local Government in Aged issues Unley Council is holding an event on November 7th between 3 & 4pm called Prime Time Retirement Discussion Panel.


Society is faced currently with two undeniable truths. The first is we are an ageing population, the second is we are living longer. It is important then, more than ever before, to consider life in retirement. The baby boomers are going to, true to form with all their life stages before, change the concept of retirement.

This is a not to be missed event as we hear from a number of people entertaining retirement as we speak. These include

  • Former State MP (and health minister) the Honourable John Hill
  • Probus President Pauline Rattley and Probus member John Schwerdt
  • Our very own Unley Park Ward Councillor Michael Rabbitt.


This should be an informative session that I hope to gain some insight as move into retirement and compare with my own thoughts.


On my part running for council was indeed part of my pre-retirement planning. I recognised many years ago that it was important to have something to take your focus on after retirement from work. This focus needed to include physical and mental activity along with social interaction. 40 years ago now I saw too many of my older work colleagues die within a year of retirement having retired from significant physical exertion in the building industry to doing nothing.


I have with help from wiser people than me worked out that retirement contrary to the popular belief that it is a function of age but a paradigm of deciding each day when I wake that I am going to do what I want to do because I want to do not because I have to (to pay off a mortgage or whatever). Certainly some people who see me as retired already may be right.


I share my time between work (yes I do), council and being a warden at my church. I work because I want to, because I can help people. I determine how much time I put into work more than devote time because I have to, to receive a certain income to survive.