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As a number of your neighbours celebrate the saving of the Sugar Gums this afternoon (see separate post on this blog site) the work in getting a fair deal from DPTI is not yet complete.

Many of you would be acutely aware of this. 

Some of you will be aware that Terina Monteagle (the Liberal candidate for Ashford) has undertaken to advocate for us with DPTI on the level pedestrian crossing on the Seaford line (adjacent Fairfax Street, Millswood). As a result of two public meetings concerning this have been held, one attended by Vickie Chapman, the Shadow Treasurer for Transport & Infrastructure.
Others along the corridor (you might be one of them) have asked Terina to look into other unfinished business.

In response to this Terina has organised another public meeting as detailed below. On her behalf sorry about the late notice, she has only just now confirmed the venue.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and come along and air your remaining concerns about the work of DPTI.