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The Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of Adelaide celebrated their 175th birthday last night, at the Showgrounds of course, in a manner befitting their status in South Australia.

1460 people attended a dinner to match all others as the Society unveiled its history since 1839 in 40 year blocks. Digital images of each era were displayed in rotation on all four walls surrounding the guests in what has to said was not just innovative but spectacular.

The entertainment was fantastic with a mix of opera from the 19th Century through to the likes of the Andrews Sisters (war time) through to a glimpse of Adelaide’s future stars. The highlight was a reminder of the concert held in the old Centennial Hall in July of 1964 when 4 young lads from Liverpool calling themselves the Beatles fell in love with Adelaide.

Hosted by Jayne Doyle and Keith Conlon, we were acquainted or reacquainted as the case may be with the many achievements of the Society and their distinctive place in the history of South Australia.