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The Federal Government local member Kate Ellis was on the go yesterday announcing the budget initiative relevant to her electorate of Adelaide, the much discussed segregation of rail freight and passenger trains.

If you have not caught up with the news go to this link.

This will (one would expect) be done in conjunction with the rail electricifacation project of the State Government.

This may be seen as a good news storey by the Feds but what of those residents who now must endure longer freight trains running past their back yards. And what of the hold ups on Cross Road, which most people in Adelaide would consider a major road, particularly at peak hour.

No comment on how this will impact because the bypass on the other side of the Adelaide Hills requested by a number of local councils and encouraged by the northern councils who were looking for the economic benefit was too expensive in the short term.

Sounds a lot like elections are more important than the long term benefit to the country.

Of course the State Government I guess will no longer have a need for the traffic cameras recently installed at the Leader Street crossing?