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Yes we are finally getting to the end of this State Government series of projects. We are all keen to see it finished so we can start catching the train again. There are a number of unfinished components that DPTI are working on, so expect workers and some disruption for a while still.

While Victoria Street is open , as I reported a few days ago and imagine many of you have taken advantage of, there are a number of things still to be completed around the Goodwood Junction, the least of all are the throw screens. Those there now, are only temporary. 
Until complete (as previously reported) DPTI will have security guards on location to ensure everyone’s safety.
Multiple contractors continue to work within the rail corridor, including TYJV, Invensys (signalling) and Laing O’Rourke (electrification). Other subcontractors will also be working in the area.
Reinstatement works to occur, include:
· Lyons Parade re-surfacing and development of a landscape plan for the north east corner of Lyons Parade.
· Devon Street South kerbing and resurfacing.
· Devon Street South landscape plan development / finalisation.
· Cromer Parade kerbing and landscape bed establishment.
· Fencing along the shared use paths (October -November 2013).
· Brown Hill Creek culvert headwall reinstatement is likely to occur in November 2013, once the water clears away and there is an extended period of dry weather forecasted.
Following completion of this work, the path connecting Victoria Street to Arundel Avenue and Cranbrook Avenue can then be completed and opened.
· Weed removal.
· Other localised reinstatement works.
Similar works are still required in other areas all the way down to Emerson Station.
Please note that while works to prepare some of the areas for landscaping (eg, kerbing, soil remediation) will be undertaken throughout October and November 2013, vegetation will not be planted until after Summer. This will ensure the best survival rates for the new vegetation. Plants will be growing in nurseries until it is the
optimum time for planting on-site.
Interestingly the landscaping, based on that being done along the greenways between Clarence Park & Emerson Stations, is being done by DPTI contractors.
What I cannot report on yet is when the installation of the electric cabling will occur, noting that some of the supporting infrastructure is yet to be erected, including at the now treeless Clarence Park Railway Station.
For more information, or to provide input on landscape planning, please contact the Project Information Line on 1300 443 198 (24 hours / 7 days) or email us on [email protected]. You can visit for more information or to view community updates #1 to #24.