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DPTI is taking the opportunity of the extra long weekend provided by Easter to change the rails at the intersection of Cross and South Roads, in preparation for electrification of the line.

In so doing they are trying to take the opportunity of minimal traffic disruption. A good move given the level of traffic that Cross Road takes.

Traffic Diversions will need to be in place notwithstanding it is holiday time.

A letter to residents in the adjoining suburban streets were advised of the proposed diversions about a week ago. This advice indicated traffic being diverted down East Avenue and Leah Street.

When challenged about this we were advsed that the letter was referring to local traffic and that through traffic will be diverted elsewhere by electronic signs located appropriately on the South & Cross Roads. We were advised that traffic would be diverted down Anzac Highway to Leader Street and then to Goodwood Road.

These signs are already in place as discovered in my travels yesterday. I have a concern.

Have DPTI really thought this through. I am not so sure. With signs as far south as south of Daws Road for north bound traffic and East of Winston Avenue for westbound on Daws Road I can see many cars heading down Winston and/or East and inevitably into Leah Street.

It is to be hoped that Easter traffic will be light but if it is not then residents in these streets will have received no respite, unless of course they have headed out and away for the Easter break.

I for one will be staying home so I guess I will find out first hand.

PS    Have a good easter and let us focus not just on the management of what we have in front of us but (for our own sanity) on where we will be when this thing is finished.