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Redirecting our kerb side waste collections from landfill is a pragmatic climate change solution I have been pursuing. This a solution I intend to continue to pursue if re-elected.


Kitchen waste in green binRedirecting our kerb side waste is an initiative I have been advocating for, for a long time. I am a firm believer that weekly organic kerbside collections are a must. This, I suggest, is the single biggest measure that can reduce greenhouse gases emanating from inappropriate dumping of greens into landfill.


This, I am hoping will see a change of habit by us all—a change where we place our kitchen waste (food scraps) in the green bin NOT the blue bin.

Several of you, my neighbours, have already joined me in sorting our rubbish. Sorting it such as to ensure we reduce our impact on the climate from this source. Many of us are now separating more of our rubbish.

As a result, our use of landfill has reduced. Indeed, the City of Unley community has led the way.

Some of you however have yet to do so. If more of us can do this, we can reduce our carbon footprint. This by reducing the level of methane into the atmosphere.

Efforts likewise unfortunately to have the Government of the day agree to weekly green bin collections remain unsuccessful.

Given this, in the next term of Council, I intend to increase my advocacy to you and/or your neighbours encouraging you (as the case may be) to follow my lead. Advocacy for all of us to be more discerning about what we put in our blue, yellow and green bins.

I will also continue to promote a new (all) Unley trial (with Government approval of course) for a different approach. A weekly green bin collection without the blue bin changing to fortnightly. A trial during this term of Council in Goodwood showed the merits of weekly green bin kerbside pickup.

Who knows? This may be the trigger for the government to reconsider their position.

My vision is that the City of Unley and, in particular, the Clarence Park Ward are the benchmark in addressing this contributor to climate change.

So too, developing a circular economy is on my radar.

It is now time for Council to build on using materials on our projects that have been recycled from our kerbside collection. We can achieve a circular economy by recycling more material for reuse than we do now.

This article was written & authorised by Don Palmer. 19 Kelvin Avenue, Clarence Park.