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The news we have all been waiting for. Renewal SA is planning to redevelop the Forestville Le Cornu site. And they want to hear from you.

They have issued a threefold public announcement today.

Firstly, Renewal SA confirmed their belief that the Forestville Le Cornu site is best served by a mixed-use development comprising:

  • medium to high-density dwellings.
  • suburban sized retail/commercial opportunities.
  • affordable housing.
  • high quality integrated public open space(s).
  • connectivity with adjacent commercial and residential areas.

Secondly, they are seeking expressions of interest from developers to partner with, in redeveloping the site. From what I understand, they (Renewal SA) are keen to work with a developer who will not seek to push the boundaries of what the Development Plan has sought for the area. A developer who is keen to work with them to achieve the parameters outlined above. The brief for the expression of interest can be found at

Finally, they are seeking to understand how the site fits into the surrounding neighbourhood. To ensure the developed site connects with the surrounding neighbourhood. Accordingly, they are seeking your views. Likewise, the views of Council on your behalf.

If you live adjacent to the Leader Street site, you will be receiving a letter from them seeking your input. They are keen to learn about and understand the community’s connection to and interest in the site. Likewise, so they can address any concerns regarding future use of the site.

If you want to contribute, do not wait for your letter. Details can be found at Alternatively, you can seek to engage with them via [email protected]

The consultation period is from today up until 25 May 2021.

Renewal SA briefed Council a couple of weeks ago in the lead-up to making this public announcement. They took the opportunity to seek the views of elected members.

They did not need to, however. The views of Council, or at least the two previous Councils, are well known.

As ratepayers know, Council has been involved in considering options for the Forestville Le Cornu site twice. The latest was the Development Plan Amendment (PDA) a few years back. Previously, we worked on a master plan for this and the adjacent barracks site.

Notwithstanding, we directed them to the need to consider traffic as a number one issue for not just the immediate neighbourhood but beyond. This includes the suburbs of the Clarence Park Ward.

We made sure they were also aware of the Unley initiatives around tree canopy cover, pervious grounds to support same, and open space. Likewise our 30 degree transition to adjacent residential zones. We also highlighted a desire for carparking underground, rather than at grade.

That all said, their presentation to Council echoed much of what we tried to achieve with the DPA. Indeed, and pleasingly, I believe they will be looking at a lower density than what is possible. Time will tell.