Replacement Tree program

The rail revitalisation tree replacement program is about to get under way and will be completed during this planting season.

Readers of this blog would be aware that Council got DPTI to commit to funding the replacement on a 3 for 1 basis the loss of significant trees as a result of the recent rail revitalisation project. The good news is they will be funding and we will be planting 64 trees that will have the potential to reach Regulated/Significant size at maturity.

We have received the planting schedule and Goodwood South will get 6 plantings in Page Park, 4 in Dora Guild Playground and 6 in Princess Margaret Playground.

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  1. Simon Gee   •  

    Good news indeed, we moved into Black Forest in part due to the tree’s. Since then I have seen tree’s decrease, so its good to see them being replaced.

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