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In an endeavour to ensure our services to our community are delivering what is needed a review of Operations and Service Delivery provided by our Community Centres is about to commence.

This project is aimed at providing Council with recommendations for the future directions of the City of Unley Community Centresrelating to operation and service provision.  A Directions Paper will be developed as part of the review and will provide Elected Members with information on:


  • What each Centre delivers the community.
  • Community aspirations, needs and expectations in relation to our Community Centres.
  • Opportunities for improvement based on increased efficiency, enhanced effectiveness and collaboration and strengthened value, to meet both current and future community needs and expectations.


The Community Centres Direction paper will be developed over three stages:


Stage 1 (January/February 2013)


Develop an understanding of:

·         Council endorsed directions, policies and strategies relevant to the Centres.

·         The current management models, programs provided, operations, community usage and resources allocated to each Centre.

·         The demographic profile of the Unley community and future trends specifically relating to Community Centre operations.

Stage 2 (March/April 2013)

This stage will involve extensive community engagement; comparative analysis with other councils; and an industry scan to provide an understanding of current and future trends and challenges of the community centre sector.


Consultation with a broad range of stakeholders is planned as part of this project.  The views of both users and non-users of community centres, as well as with the respective boards of management for both Goodwood South’s very own Clarence Park Community Centre and also the Goodwood Community Centres, will be sought. 



Stage 3 (April/May 2013)


At the end of this project, Council will be provided with a Community Centres Directions Paper for consideration.