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We are all on the same Cross Road page is the clear and decisive message heard last night. No one wants Cross Road to become a designated freight route.

Not the State or Federal Government, not the respective oppositions. Not the Greens, and likewise none of the independents. Whether sitting members or new candidates for either of the upcoming State and Federal elections. 100% agreement.

This message was emphatically conveyed by all the above at a public forum held in Zoom. A forum organised by Our Roads SA. A forum that was attended by candidates across all persuasions and witnessed by many who tuned in their computers.

The convenor noted that 6 elected members of the City of Unley, plus our Mayor, were in attendance.  No such acknowledgment was made regarding City of Mitcham councillors.

This was a follow-up to the meeting back in November last year held at Scotch College. Regular readers of my blogs might remember my blog covering that event.

I believe we can all take solace in the consistent message, notwithstanding some grandstanding by participants on the night.

Greater Adelaide Metropolitan BypassEveryone agreed that a road by-pass through Truro is a must. A road by-pass, which is one of the three components of the Globe-link proposal the Government took to the last election. The road component is seen as viable even though the whole plan was found not to be viable. Known now as the greater Adelaide Metropolitan By-Pass.

While everyone agreed the road component is essential, a must, there was a clear message that rail needs to be back on the agenda. I expect this will occur.


The forum also established there is a need for a redesign of public transport options to accommodate CBD commuting from the ever-growing Mount Barker region.

We are all on the same Cross Road page. So, let’s just do it. Build the Truro by-pass.