Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

Yes! I will seek re-election in the upcoming council election as one of your two representatives in the City of Unley Clarence Park Ward.


Cr Don PalmerWorking together, we have achieved much for the City of Unley and (more particularly) the Clarence Park Ward. I have enjoyed representing you.

I am especially proud of having helped so many of you in your varied dealings with the Council. Helping you with the issues that inevitably are present in a local community.

Much of this has focused on development matters, given my background in building and construction. Another area of focus has been with saving significant trees. Unfortunately, we seem to be fighting a losing battle with this one.

Likewise, in helping you deal with concerns many of you have had with Council. This is a big and satisfying part of the role of a Councillor.


I commit to continuing to do this. As I seek re-election as your representative on Council, I also commit to the following.



1             Be Financially Responsible    

Ensuring that we can afford the projects we are implementing. In my time on Council, we have limited rate rises to within 1% of CPI, well down from the previous decade.

2             Find Pragmatic Environment Solutions

Always seeking pragmatic and locally focused environmental outcomes, including but not limited to incentivising tree canopy on private land, increasing the green verge program, solar panels and batteries on ALL council buildings, and transitioning to a Council EV fleet. Likewise, seeking a weekly green bin collection.

3             Pursue flood Proofing

With extreme weather events on the increase, it is time to upgrade our local floodproofing. Completion of the Brownhill Creek flood mitigation needs to be bought forward by accessing federal funding. Other local flood-prone areas also need to be addressed.

4             Bring Economic Prosperity

It is time to shift our focus from concentrating on the 4 main streets to assisting all Unley businesses to thrive. To provide the best possible service to the Unley Community. Thriving businesses will employ local labour, building prosperity for all of us.

5             Ensure Sensible Development

While we succeeded in preventing the big squeeze that the PDI Act threatened, there are many issues that need removing or refining including improved protection of significant trees and promotion of increased tree planting. Likewise improving the public consultation process.

I stand ready to be your representative again and to fight for tomorrow’s community. To also continue to guide you through the local government maze. So that I can continue to serve you however I need your help.

Your vote will help ensure I can continue to serve you for a further 4 years. In other words. Vote 1. Don Palmer.

Written & authorised by Don Palmer, 19 Kelvin Avenue, Clarence Park SA 5034