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Goodwood South has joined the cosmopolitan scene with its 3rd coffee shop to start up in 12 months.

As can be seen in the photo the finishing touches are being applied to the fit out of what was last a hairdressing salon, and before that a deli.

I understand this coffee shop will be a little upmarket from Carnevale 500 m down the road. It is therefore likely to catch a different market.

It is certainly well placed, like tram stop 4 down by the tram line, to take advantage of rail commuters boarding at Clarence Park Rail Station.

And not just coffee but take home meals and catering which puts it in competition with the other new shop adjacent the tram line, be gourmet.

So little ol’ Goodwood South is now in the same league as it’s eastern neighbours and we can truly claim to be part of the cosmopolitan Unley culture. And all within walking distance.