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Use of sponsorship was the suggestion put last night at Council to solve the perennial problem of our park located poo bags being always out of stock.

We received last night a report on the progress of the first year of our current three year Animal Management Plan.The poo bag situation was an opportunity to provide some levity into the night.

Features of the report included we have passed our goals for micro-chipping of dogs, and for the numb er of complaints received about dogs. We had a 100% enforcement  success rate where prosecutions were pursued, a total of one case that is. 20 dog attacks were reported for the year (0.05% of the population; our goal being 0.01%). The rate for reclaiming dogs found, or new homes being found was 84%, up from the goal of 70%.

There was also the some total of one complaint against a cat.

So all in all it seems we have moved along pretty well with our 3 year management plan.

And who knows, coming to a park near you, some bright spark in our administration might pick up on the sponsorship thought.