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Yes once again we find the media is focusing on Sturt’sfinancial woes and their need to replace sponsorship now lost.

The Commander Group, as most of us by now know, have withdrawn their sponsorship for unspecified reasons. Guess what that is their business.

The news is that Sturt is actively seeking a replacement sponsor during a time when they have put a plea to members to save the club from their $2.0m debt. Could not come at a worse time but that is life. You deal with things as they happen.

I will be watching with interest who the naming sponsor might be. They (Sturt) are negotiating I believe) with two businesses now and an announcement is soon. I understand that, under our licencing agreement with them, we must approve the name.

Let us all hope that Sturt can solve their financial woes.

And don’t think they are alone as an SANFL club and that it has been all poor management in the past that has led to this.

The Central District Football Club, the yard stick for success in the SANFLover the last decade or so recently announced a plea to their supporters to help them out of a mess. They recorded a loss of $ 110,867.00 this last year. This is the second year in  arrow they have posted a loss. And this from a perennial finalist.

Not that long ago the SANFL announced that dividends to clubs would reduce in future. The SANFL is having financial challenges too.

The SANFL and its clubs have huge challenges in front of them in the near future. It would appear that the fact is that both the SANFL and their Clubs have to cut their cloth to suit their purse.

And Sturt are doing that. Having cut their administration twelve months ago they have cut further in as much as Dee Shepard, a tireless worker for the club, has moved on. Their administration is now very lean and mean.

I wonder if Adelaide Oval will help this cause.


I am sure we have not heard the last on this subject.