Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

The local government election has revealed an overwhelming endorsement of my continued service by you. For this, I am truly thankful. I get much satisfaction working for you and look forward to continuing to so do over the next 4 years.


I received a call from the Electoral Commission this morning to confirm I have been provisionally re-elected. Candidates have 72 hours to request a recount, failing which the results are confirmed.

While many local government results remain unknown, the provisional results are in for both Clarence Park & the City of Unley, as a whole.

The Clarence Park results are as follows:

PALMER, Don                                      694

ROGERS, Rebekah                             472

SQUIRE, Jayden                                  256

The provisional Mayoral vote results for those interested are:

SCHNELL, Bob                                  2,391

HEWITSON, Michael Gordon            4,807

CENTRELLA, Dario                             436

MACFARLANE, Marijana                 1,499

With 4 retirements and a couple of the current team losing out we will (once again) see a Council with a significant new composition.


Clarence Park sees a change with Rebecca Rogers joining me as co-councillor.


Jennie Boisvert, of course, was one of those retirements mentioned earlier. She will be replaced here in Clarence Park by Rebekah Rogers. Rebekah’s provisional election will continue the history of Clarence Park being served by both a male and a female.

I look forward to teaming up with her, likewise introducing her to you, which I will seek to do as early as possible. I will meet with her shortly to discuss how best to communicate with you.


Subject to any recount the new team at Unley will be as follows (highest votes named first):

Mayor                                                Michael Hewitson


Clarence Park Ward                       Myself & Rebekah, Jennie having retired.

Goodwood Ward                            Georgie Hart and Chris Crabbe (both new),

Emma Wright and Nicole Sheehan having retired

Fullarton Ward                                Peter Hughes and newcomer Jack Gaffey, Jordan Dodd having retired.

Parkside Ward                                 newcomer Luke Doyle and Jennifer Bonham,

With Kaye Anastasiadis missing out

Unley Ward                                      Jane Russo and newcomer Stephen Finos, with Sue Dewing missing out

Unley Park Ward                            Monica Broniecki and Michael Rabbitt.


Once again, thank You for Your Overwhelming Endorsement.