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The natives are restless. That is the simple message I prompted the DIT North-South Corridor project team with last evening.

They (the natives….sorry …. residents) need to know what is happening.




Let me repeat a recent observation of mine. Unlike the experience of my neighbours & I when the Seaford rail line was electrified, DIT is responsive. They are listening. And with intent. I believe they are keen to deliver a project through Black Forest that works for everyone.

I also repeat my observation last month. That I doubt they can inform the public of their preferred reference design before the end of the year. Even though they indicated at last nights community reference group meeting they are still aiming for this. I detected in their body language; they are not confident they can.

I hope they can. To avoid community unrest.

As much as they are communicating. As much as they are listening. Notwithstanding, there are many in the community who are stressed they are being held from the truth.

The natives are restless.

There is the emergence of them vs us for the communities on either side of South Road. An example of this is Glandore residents suggesting that the Black Forest Primary School is being saved at their expense.

I have had around a half dozen of my ratepayers indicate that they are considering selling up and moving out now. Likewise, potential purchasers of Black Forest properties seeking my advice as to whether they should put an offer in or not.

It appears the Advertiser has not helped. I am told of a recent article I am advised suggested the Government has announced the final reference design.

There is allegedly a letterbox campaign doing the rounds that has residents even more fearful.

Without jeopardising getting the best design, I pray that DIT can release the reference design when they aim to. We all need to know.

That said, please watch out for further observations I can make about the information we have just received.