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Remember the 90’s hit movie, Strictly Ballroom. Strictly ballroom is famous for the catchphrase “there will be no new dance steps”.  State Government Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Corie Wingard MP, has uttered similar words regarding Cross Road.


What no new dance steps mean in his case is they (the Government) have NO plans to drive trucks down Cross Road. In my efforts to understand what is planned for Cross Road, this is what I have gleaned.

As promised in my blog post on this topic last month I have quizzed both Carolyn Power & Nadia Clancy. I have sought from each to understand their respective parties’ positions on the concerns being raised by the Cross Road community.

Freight being transported down Cross Road is something neither of them want. Both understand the lunacy of allowing this to happen. This surely translates to their respective parties. In other words, both the Government and the Opposition are keen to avoid Cross Road becoming a freight route.

Greater Adelaide Metropolitan BypassIf not Cross Road, then what?

As I indicated in my last blog post, the Government is investing in the Truro By-pass. Otherwise known as the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass. In the words of the Minister “the by-pass is not a promise or a commitment, it is a reality and it is already underway”. This repeats previous public utterances.

He does acknowledge that they (the Government) are conducting a corridor planning survey on Cross Road as we speak. This survey I understand is to focus on road safety, travel times, public transport, walking & cycling, land use, heritage, environment and place experience. Many of us in the community may have mistaken this for plans to create a 6-lane highway down Cross Road.

The Opposition has not yet been able to make any announcements. I understand they are unable to obtain information from the Department. I believe, after talking with Nadia, that the Opposition will likely back the bypass.

Enter Scott Hastings and Partner

Or should I say, enter the transport industry? As I indicated in my last blog, they will seek the route they believe will be the most economical for them. They will seek to invent their own new dance steps.

The by-pass is therefore a no-brainer. More so, a 2nd by-pass (southern) needs also to be considered. In my opinion anyway.

Finally, I expect those who reside in Clarence Park, like all others in the Elder Seat will receive information from both major parties.