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GOODWOOD Rd’s new 50km/h speed limit is improving safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, the strip’s traders say.

Shop owners told the Eastern Courier Messenger last week they were already seeing the benefits of the lower limit between Leader St and the Millswood rail underpass, introduced by the Transport Department last month.

Goodwood Road Traders’ Association chair Leonie Clyne said traders and shoppers had noticed an improvement in driver behaviour.

“On the whole, it’s less frantic, particularly during peak periods,” Mrs Clyne said.

She said reducing the speed was a step in the right direction to improve safety.

“It’s very important because the accidents we have seen are from people being impatient and zipping out of the lanes.”

Mrs Clyne encouraged visitors to use carparks behind Goodwood Rd shops instead of parking on the street to help alleviate congestion.

Goodwood Bakehouse owner Louis Langanis said traffic had slowed.

He said the lower limit had improved pedestrian safety, especially for shoppers and for children walking to and from Goodwood Primary School.

However, Mr Langanis said cars parked along Goodwood Rd continued to create traffic problems.

“It’s a contentious issue but there’s no simple solution,” Mr Langanis said.

“A (permanent) clearway isn’t good for traders.

“We’ve started closing earlier, about 4pm, because once it’s a clearway no-one stops to come into the shops.”

Urban Myth Theatre artistic director Glenn Hayden said staff had noticed an improvement during the day since the lower speed limit was introduced.

The Transport Department dropped the speed limit from 60km/h to 50km/h after Unley Council approached it with concerns about pedestrian and driver safety.

More than 31,000 motorists use the road daily.