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This blog focuses on your 2018 election wishes. It follows on from my blog last month, reporting on my 2018 election promises.


Some of your 2018 election wishes are well advanced or completed. Some are still in the “frying pan”. Others are yet to be followed upon. After reporting on my promises last month, his blog is a means to provide a focus on these, your wishes.

Read on for a brief overview. Watch this space for further detail, as and when it becomes available.

Road & Street Maintenance

Making our footpaths safer and tending to trip hazards remains an issue. Let me say that our depot team has fortunately been tending to trip hazards that are less than the minimum decreed by the previous Council.

Please do not forget that you remain our best source of information that a trip hazard exists. I encourage you to continue reporting or if you have yet to so do, to start reporting trip hazards you find. Please contact the City of Unley on 8372 5111 or email [email protected]. Better yet, try our online report it page.

Council is aware of your concerns regarding street sweeping. When seasonal impacts create extra work, we are now engaging external contractors to complement our own proactive program.

Goodwood Oval

Goodwood Oval Clubroom OpeningAs I have previously reported, the construction of the new Clubroom is now complete. It was officially opened by the Mayor was last month.

Parking restrictions have changed and, for the most part, are working. Old habits die hard however and the parking changes in Allenby have caused some grief. We are looking, that said, at the effectiveness of our signage in that street.

Council has also agreed on a management program with the two clubs regarding noise disturbances.

Millswood Sporting Complex

Millswood Croquet Clubroom

Council has approved two concept designs for the new Millswood Croquet Club clubrooms concept designs. One that fits the available budget, and a larger clubroom if more funding becomes available. The formal processes for development approval will therefore commence shortly.

In addition to Council’s financial contribution, the Federal Government has provided grant funding. The Club is hopeful of obtaining extra grant funding, this time from the State Government. If provided, the larger clubroom will be possible.

Safe Access/egress to Clarence Park Railway Station

Jennie & I approached Jayne Stinson for assistance with this promise. She (Jayne) has obtained a commitment from the Minister, Corey Wingard, that the safety aspects of this rail station will be looked into.

Walking Cycling Plan

We continue to roll out this program, taking in the interests of not just bike riders, but pedestrians as well. I must say however that there is always going to some tension here.

Page Park, a Dog Park or not

Council has been considering two statutory reviews that will inform this. Look for more news early next year.

Nuisance Trees

This remains a consideration for Council once we can dot the eyes and cross the tees of our Tree Strategy and Tree Policy.

There will be no new Queensland Box plantings. I can report that removal of the existing trees will only be when they reach an appropriate age, or it can be demonstrated that they have become structurally unsound or unhealthy.

Over Development

I have kept readers of this website up to date with the progress on this. I can no report, our efforts have bought positive results.

This week the “corrected” planning & design code is out for public consultation. We have a 6-week period to speak up.

I am currently scrutinizing it and communicating with you. At this stage, I can advise you that we have now been classified in the Suburban Neighbourhood Zone with the Numerical Variations hat apply now. Watch this space for a more detailed analysis.