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A little over a year ago I blogged about making good on my 2018 election promises. With a little under a year before the next local government elections, it is time to reflect again on those commitments.

A year ago, I felt frustrated. That was until I checked my progress against my vast list of promises. As my blog back then identified I had achieved more than I was giving myself credit for.

Even better, I am happy to report that since then the three infrastructure projects noted then are all now ready to proceed. They are the Millswood Croquet Club Clubrooms, Stage II of the Unley Oval redevelopment, and the redevelopment of the Village Green.

I expect that construction will commence shortly on the Millswood Croquet Clubrooms. This will mean that the club will enjoy up to date, modern clubrooms in time for their centenary celebrations. I am proud to have helped drive this project.

Further to this, Council has some good alternative strategies to consider should the Forestville Hockey Club ever leave Goodwood Oval. This is something we may even consult on next year.

The recent updates of our Open Space and our Animal Management plans have been completed. The future use of Page Park, on the other hand, remains unresolved.

The positive news that South Australia may soon see weekly green bin and fortnightly blue/red bin collections marks another reason to feel satisfied. This is something I have been advocating for since getting on Council 11 years ago.

My contribution to the development of Council’s tree strategies has ensured, as promised, to ensure an even-handed debate. I was a major contributor to the development of Council’s new Economic Development Growth Strategy.

During this time to reflect, it is with a deep sense of satisfaction that I confirm two major achievements since September last year.

Twelve months ago, it seemed two election commitments I made to you were not progressing. The first is the elephant in the room I spoke of in my September 2018 blog. The future of South Road.

Since then, I was elected by my peers onto the North-South Corridor Reference Group set up by the Department of Infrastructure & Transport. My contribution I would like to think has surely helped shape the final design.

Bringing perhaps the biggest satisfaction has been obtaining a commitment from both sides of Politics on the Clarence Park Rail Station. Both the Government and the Opposition have committed to funding in the next term of Parliament, the redevelopment of the Clarence Park Rail Station.

A central part of the redevelopment will be to regrade the ramps to be DDA compliant. Likewise, the provision of safety gates.