Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

As we experience these times of change that are challenging us I am making changes to help my communication with you so we can better affect the changes that are to be made and ensure as much as possible that they are all positive changes.


2015 is on us and we will all (elected members and ratepayers alike) be involved in setting the scene for the future of the City of Unley. Never before has there been such a critical time in history as we determine the City of the future, the city that our kids and grand-kids and beyond will inherit.

Good communication is as important now as any time in history and developing good communication skills within the elected member body, the management and the staff of the City of Unley is one of the dreams I will be pursuing in the immediate future.

As part of this I have remodelled (as you can see my website). A lot of thought and work has gone into the redesign, with the aim of providing a cleaner more professional look to my site.

I have also launched a Facebook page for those of you who prefer to keep contact via social media. If you are on Facebook search for my name and like me and you will have direct access to more than just my blogs. More of what….that is where you must show your interest by having a look.

Council is playing its part in this electronic world to be converting the emails for elected members from their current server to the Council’s server, linking us to all the management and staff. The subtlety of this is our email addresses changes with the removal of the “em” component.

My email address is now [email protected]

Please note this and use it, to ensure the best possible response time to emails while the old email is still active and being redirected.