Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

As the Cremorne proposal is considered by the DAC Council will now move toward working on what is appropriate development in the nearby Unley Central area. And already we are being accused of having a lack of sensitivity toward the interface with the neighbouring residential suburb and we have yet to provide any information on which this can be asserted.


The Cremorne Plaza development proposal has not only raised the shackles of residents of Unley but it has some criticizing Council for their promotion of higher density with rumours abounding around what is due to happen with our next Development Plan Amendment. An amendment focusing on what we call Unley Central.

Already I am hearing that we are not consulting on this.

The fact is the Minister for planning must give ascent for us to proceed down this track. Whilst we understand he is keen to have this amendment proceed the wheels of government take time.

Council will consider a report when ascent is given to proceed maybe as early as May or June. This report, as is normal process, will focus on how we will engage with our community on a raft of measures that will hopefully work well for Unley and it’s citizens and achieve the goals set by the government for population growth.

Before Council consider it, the report will be considered by our Development, Strategy & Policy committee. This is a committee of ?? members and which I will be chairing. I give this undertaking  and that is we WILL be consulting with those who wish to contribute to the conversation. We will also be taking on board what we hear.

I hope we can all work together and strike up an amendment to our plan that does work….work for our current residents, our current businesses, work for our future residents (many of whom will be our/your sons and daughters, grand sons and grand daughters. And also work for the government to accommodate their projections for population growth.