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I have on a number of occasions questioned whether or not the Western side of the City of Unley is recognised as part of the City of Unley.

I may have even blogged on the topic before; about people on the east side of King William Road thinking the Showgrounds are too far away from the Civic Centre to consider it a suitable venue for an Unley function; or about people west of Goodwood road shopping at Castle Plaza in preference to the Unley Shopping Centre.

Well! Not next month.

In response to an initiative of our Mayor for Council to get out to the people our next full Council meeting will be heading west.

Yes the next meeting, scheduled for 23 July 2012, will be held at the Goodwood Community Centre, commencing at 7.00 pm.

If you have an interest in what your council is up to you might consider coming along and sitting in the gallery. It may be boring but it equally could be entertaining.