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A CLEVER Climate & Energy PLAN is what we need to aim for. That is the message from a briefing of Council last night. It is the summation also of my earlier blog today and something with which I agree.

A clever Climate & Energy Plan will align with the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM). This is timely, in that Council last month unanimously supported a motion I seconded, to apply for membership to the GCoM.

As much as we have done in my ten years on Council, it is time to lift the bar. Time to create a Climate and Energy Plan to better track, manage, and reduce Council’s operational carbon and energy footprint.

The Plan will include:

  • High-level strategic direction, goals, and objectives.
  • Action and implementation plan to prioritise works, timing, and provide a first-order cost estimate.
  • Investigation of energy improvements to Council leased facilities

It will go further than what we have done to date. Rather than what might be seen currently as an ad-hoc approach, it will create clear pathways to Carbon Neutrality. I expect it will replicate our past efforts. It will reinforce our history of identifying opportunities and focusing on them at any given time.

A plan that will see us lead the way by focusing very much on Council’s own emissions. This while recognising the contribution to climate change by our community. A plan, that said, that recognises the Council’s carbon dioxide emissions are estimated at 1,700 tonnes per annum while their community is contributing a massive 350,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

As I mentioned in this morning’s blog, we are expecting to have this plan ready to endorse next February.

If you are interested in doing something about climate change, now is your chance to join with Council and protect future generations.