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Word is the the City of Unley are introducing a Pay for Use parking regime in Wayville to discourage tram users from clogging up residential streets as a Park n Ride to make use of the free trams put on by the Government.

Channel 10 apparently ran a story last night about us (Unley) installing parking meters in Bartley Terrace and Railway Terrace South. The aim of installing these meters is to discourage commuters from parking all day in the residential streets of Wayville.

Friends of residents in this area are not able to visit because the streets have become an all day parking station for commuters using the free trams. With the government making tram use from South Terrace through to the Entertainment Centre free and the Adelaide City Council making parking costs more expensive parking in the northern streets of the city of Unley has become popular.

This has come at a great cost to residents and it is feared it will only get worse for these people.

So lets put in parking meters and charge for parking. That appears to have been the message out there in media land.

Is that what we have proposed. No!

We sent a letter to residents a couple of days ago that reads that we are proposing a trial of parking meters and when completed consulting residents as to their feelings of the success or otherwise of the trial. Is that what Council authorized? No!

The motion passed by Council reads a follows:

*ITEM 855
MOVED Councillor Schnell
SECONDED Councillor Tipper
1. The report be received.
2. The Draft Pay for Use Parking Policy as outlined in Attachment 1 to Item 855/13 (as amended) be noted.
3. The local community in Wayville/Goodwood be consulted about the proposal.

4. A report summarising the community consultation be presented to Council.

My understanding of this motion is that we consult the residents for their feelings on whether we introduce a trial or not and that the results of this survey be conveyed to Council (the elected members) before taking any further action.

I am now not sure what is going on with this but I am sure it will unveil itself in the next few days.