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The Unley Life magazine has been widely accepted in the community as a high quality and information publication.


Unley Life Autumn 2015

I hope you have found it this way too. I hope also you enjoyed our latest edition of the Unley Life magazine, distributed in this last couple of weeks.

Did you know that the Unley Life magazine is also available to download on your mobile device? That applies to both Apple and Android mobile devices. I have downloaded the app on my Samsung and am impressed with it.


It provides me with the opportunity to read the articles at my leisure wherever I may be. With my busy agenda have an electronic copy proves handy because I don’t have to cart the hard copy around on order to be able to read it.

If you are keen to keep up with what is Unley you might find this a convenient way to receive it. Once you have downloaded the app, you will automatically receive the latest issue as it is made available online. Older editions are also kept.