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The State Government’s Housing in the City Policy, revealed on the weekend and reported on this blog site (I agree with you Mr Rau), has struck a positive chord with City of Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne, who has spearheaded the Council’s push to have a role in determining the use of the Adelaide Parklands.

City of Unley first decided in February this year to lobby for a change to the Adelaide Parklands Act 2005 to allow representation of councils that surround the Adelaide Parklands.
“Residents of inner-rim councils should be recognised as important voices in how the parklands should be used”, says City of Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne. “Therefore councils bordering the parklands have an obligation, and a right, to have a say about their use”.
Mayor Clyne believes that the Adelaide parklands could be amongst the best in the world, and that the inner-rim councils should contribute to the achievement of this vision.
 “The City of Unley envisages a greater strategic role in planning for the parklands as well as the opportunity to invest in projects that are of direct benefit to the City’s residents”, says Mayor Clyne. An example of one of these projects is the recently endorsed Dog Park, proposed to provide an inviting community meeting place for owners and their dogs, offering features such as seating, shade, dog exercise equipment and drinking fountains for people and dogs.

While there is a clear intent in the policy to allow councils to participate in determining the future of the parklands, the detail of the proposal is yet to be released. Regardless of what form the final structure ultimately takes Unley’s Mayor remains optimistic of a seat at the table.