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After the statistically proven success of the State Governments move a decade ago to reduce the speed in Adelaide suburban streets from 60 kph to 50 kph the Centre for Automotive Research is advocating to drop the speed in suburban streets to 40 kph.

Two decades ago Unley, yes Unley, was the innovator and clearly ahead of the times (two decades ahead it seems). We were on our own as the RAA voiced vehemently against it and the then Minister of Transport was reluctant to approve it. Even today we have at least one current politician continue to denounce it.

But we have had at least one other council consider following our lead recently. So it comes as gratifying to those bold Unley decision makers back two decades ago that the rest of the city may follow.

Wonder what today’s RAA thinks. From memory they were not too impressed with Unley (again leading the way) getting a reduction form 60 kph to 50 kph on Goodwood Road and from 50 kph to 40 kph on King William Road.